ApparatusFramework::Crypto Class Reference

#include <PatternServices/current/include/Crypto.h>

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Public Types

enum  opmode { Encryption, Decryption }

Public Member Functions

 Crypto (uint8 key[16], opmode mode)
void process (uint8 in[], uint32 inSize, uint8 out[])

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Definition at line 61 of file Crypto.h.

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Definition at line 63 of file Crypto.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApparatusFramework::Crypto::Crypto ( uint8  key[16],
opmode  mode 

constructors, destructors Constructs a new Crypto object.

key An array of bytes representing the key to be used when encrypting or decrypting.
mode The mode of operation the Crypto object will be used in. Either encryption or decryption.

Member Function Documentation

void ApparatusFramework::Crypto::process ( uint8  in[],
uint32  inSize,
uint8  out[] 

Depending on the mode in which the object was instationated, this function will either perform an encryption or a decryption.

in An array of bytes representing the input which will either be encrypted or decrypted.
inSize The number of bytes from the in array to be processed. If this number is not a multiple of the block size (16), the input will be padded before processed.
out An array of bytes containing the result of the processed input.
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