ApparatusFramework::KernelSimpleObservable Class Reference
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#include <PatternServices/current/include/KernelObservable.h>

Inheritance diagram for ApparatusFramework::KernelSimpleObservable:
ApparatusFramework::SimpleObservable< Msg * > ApparatusFramework::Observable< Msg * >

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Public Member Functions

 KernelSimpleObservable ()
 ~KernelSimpleObservable ()
virtual void dispatch (Msg *msg, KernelSimpleObservable *origin=0)

Detailed Description

KernelSimpleObservable implements a specialized version of a simple observable class. The sent update event is always a kernel message. This class is a mixin class.

Definition at line 64 of file KernelObservable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApparatusFramework::KernelSimpleObservable::KernelSimpleObservable (  ) 

constructors, destructors KernelSimpleObservable constructs a new kernel simple observable object.

ApparatusFramework::KernelSimpleObservable::~KernelSimpleObservable (  ) 

~KernelSimpleObservable constructs a new kernel simple observable object.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ApparatusFramework::KernelSimpleObservable::dispatch ( Msg msg,
KernelSimpleObservable origin = 0 
) [virtual]

notification Dispatches the message to the registered observer if any is registered. She is responsible to release the message when it is no more needed.

msg messge to be dispatched
origin if you use a model with more than one observable, here is a place to tell the observe which observable has change its state. It is set to default 0 so we can call it also with just one parameter.
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