ApparatusFramework::LogMsgMgr Class Reference
[Diagnostic Services]

#include <DiagnosticServices/current/include/LogMsgMgr.h>

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Public Member Functions

LogMsgreserveMsg ()
void releaseMsg (LogMsg *pLogMsg)

Static Public Member Functions

static LogMsgMgrCreate ()
static LogMsgMgrDefault ()
static bool IsCreated ()

Detailed Description

The class implements a log message manager with a message pool for logger messages. Using a separate message manager has several advantages:

The logger can of course be used without this message manager. In this case the message manager of the kernel services is used. Be aware that

The log message manager provides services to reserve and to release messages. It is implemented as a monitor and serializes the accesses to its internal resources.

Definition at line 78 of file LogMsgMgr.h.

Member Function Documentation

static LogMsgMgr* ApparatusFramework::LogMsgMgr::Create (  )  [static]

singleton methods Creates an instance of the singleton if none exists yet. The object is created in static memory.

A pointer to the created singleton instance.
static LogMsgMgr* ApparatusFramework::LogMsgMgr::Default (  )  [static]

References an instance that has been previously created.

A pointer to the singleton instance.
static bool ApparatusFramework::LogMsgMgr::IsCreated (  )  [static]

States whether an instance of this singleton has been created.

True if an instance has been created, false otherwise.
void ApparatusFramework::LogMsgMgr::releaseMsg ( LogMsg pLogMsg  ) 

Releases a previously reserved message and returns it to the pool of free message. If the message was no previously reserved by this manager, an error is generated.

pLogMsg Address of the message to release.
LogMsg* ApparatusFramework::LogMsgMgr::reserveMsg (  ) 

messages handling Reserves a logger message and returns a pointer to it. If no message is free, null is returned.

LogMsg* is a pointer to the reserved message. If none found the value is null.
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