ApparatusFramework::MD5 Class Reference
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#include <PatternServices/current/include/MD5.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void getHash (uint8 *data, uint32 length, char *result, uint8 resultSize)
Construction and Destruction

 MD5 ()
virtual ~MD5 ()

Detailed Description

Implements a MD5 hash algorithm with a HashAlgorithm interface. This class computes a hash value with the MD5 algorithm.

Definition at line 61 of file MD5.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApparatusFramework::MD5::MD5 (  ) 

Constructs a new MD5 object. Initialize the MD5 object and the constant values.

virtual ApparatusFramework::MD5::~MD5 (  )  [virtual]

Destructs the object and releases all resources.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ApparatusFramework::MD5::getHash ( uint8 data,
uint32  length,
char *  result,
uint8  resultSize 
) [virtual]

Computes a MD5 hash value.

in data array to compute a hash value from it.
in Length the length of the array.
out result a char pointer for the result.
in resultSize size of result.

Implements ApparatusFramework::HashAlgorithm.

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