ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr Class Reference
[Communication Services]

#include <CommunicationServices/current/include/ProtocolMgr.h>

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struct  ProtocolMgrEntry

Public Member Functions

void initialize ()
void startup ()
ProtocolgetProtocol (const char *pName)
void registerProtocol (Protocol *protocol, const char *protocolName)
void unregisterProtocol (const char *protocolName)

Static Public Member Functions

static ProtocolMgrCreate ()
static ProtocolMgrDefault ()
static bool IsCreated ()

Detailed Description

Holds and manages all protocols. No one should directly instantiate and use such protocols. They may be fetched with the help of this manager. This guarantees that no conflicts happen. The protocol manager is a singleton.

Definition at line 61 of file ProtocolMgr.h.

Member Function Documentation

static ProtocolMgr* ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::Create (  )  [static]

singleton methods Creates an instance of the singleton if none exists yet. The object is created in static memory.

A pointer to the created singleton instance.
static ProtocolMgr* ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::Default (  )  [static]

References an instance that has been previously created.

A pointer to the singleton instance.
Protocol* ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::getProtocol ( const char *  pName  ) 

manager device access methods Fetches a protocol using its name. The protocol name is a unique string. If null is returned, the protocol is not present.

void ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::initialize (  ) 

factory startup Initializes the ProtocolMgr accordingly to the factory startup pattern.

static bool ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::IsCreated (  )  [static]

States whether an instance of this singleton has been created.

True if an instance has been created, false otherwise.
void ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::registerProtocol ( Protocol protocol,
const char *  protocolName 

Registers a protocol by the manager.

protocol the protocol, which should be registered.
protocolName the name of the protocol.
void ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::startup (  ) 

Starts up the ProtocolMgr accordingly to the factory startup pattern.

void ApparatusFramework::ProtocolMgr::unregisterProtocol ( const char *  protocolName  ) 

Unregister a protocol from the Protocol Manager.

protocolName the name of the protocol, which should be unregistered.
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