ApparatusFramework::TestFactory Class Reference
[Unit-Test Services]

#include <UnitTestServices/current/include/TestFact.h>

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Public Member Functions

void initialize ()
void startup ()
TestExecutortestExecutor ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TestFactoryCreate ()
static TestFactoryDefault ()
static bool IsCreated ()

Detailed Description

This is the main node for the package test environment. It contains the test executor object and all the stubs used for testing. The test factory implements the singelton pattern. The memory used by the factory is allocated statically, so it can be used safely on an embedded controller.

Definition at line 56 of file TestFact.h.

Member Function Documentation

static TestFactory* ApparatusFramework::TestFactory::Create (  )  [static]

singleton methods Creates an instance of the singleton if none exists yet. The object is created in static memory.

A pointer to the created singleton instance.
static TestFactory* ApparatusFramework::TestFactory::Default (  )  [static]

References an instance that has been previously created.

A pointer to the singleton instance.
void ApparatusFramework::TestFactory::initialize (  ) 

Initializes the test services according to the factory startup pattern.

static bool ApparatusFramework::TestFactory::IsCreated (  )  [static]

States whether an instance of this singleton has been created.

True if an instance has been created, false otherwise.
void ApparatusFramework::TestFactory::startup (  ) 

Starts the test services according to the factory startup pattern.

TestExecutor* ApparatusFramework::TestFactory::testExecutor (  ) 

queries Returns a pointer to the test executor object.

TestExecutor* pointer to the test executor object.
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