ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg Class Reference
[Diagnostic Services]

#include <DiagnosticServices/current/include/Logger.h>

Inheritance diagram for ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg:
ApparatusFramework::LogMsg ApparatusFramework::Msg

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Public Member Functions

 TraceTextMsg ()
virtual ~TraceTextMsg ()
TraceTextMsgoperator= (const Msg &msg)
TraceTextMsgoperator= (const TraceTextMsg &traceTextMsg)
virtual Msgclone ()
virtual int toString (char *pBuffer, const int32 bufferLen) const

Public Attributes

const char * m_fmt

Detailed Description

Definition at line 156 of file Logger.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::TraceTextMsg (  ) 

constructors, destructors

virtual ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::~TraceTextMsg (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual Msg* ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::clone (  )  [virtual]

Cloning must not be done for logger msg.


Reimplemented from ApparatusFramework::LogMsg.

TraceTextMsg& ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::operator= ( const TraceTextMsg traceTextMsg  ) 

Copy assignment to copy a logger message.

TraceTextMsg& ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::operator= ( const Msg msg  ) 

operators Copy assignment to copy a message.

Reimplemented from ApparatusFramework::LogMsg.

virtual int ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::toString ( char *  pBuffer,
const int32  bufferLen 
) const [virtual]

Dumps the content of this message into a string for debug reasons.

pBuffer Buffer for the string representation.
bufferLen Size of the buffer.
Number of characters that (would) have been printed to pBuffer or -1 on failure.

Reimplemented from ApparatusFramework::LogMsg.

Member Data Documentation

int ApparatusFramework::TraceTextMsg::m_data[MAX_NO_OF_TRACE_TEXT_ARG]

Definition at line 188 of file Logger.h.


Definition at line 187 of file Logger.h.

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