Frequently Asked Questions


1. Getting Started and Building the Apparatus Framework

1.1. What tools do I need?


The minimum configuration to build the framework library is the Apparatus Framework Configuration Tool, the Apparatus Framework Repository and Cygwin with development tools installed. When the library is successfully built, open your favorite editor and write a small C++ application that uses the library. Then build it with GCC and run it. An alternative to Cygwin are MinGW and MSYS.

1.2. What's a good starting point for my embedded application?


See the Ping Pong example application in the tutorial section. It creates two tasks that exchange messages.

1.3. What are the system requirements for the Apparatus Framework?


A PC running MS Windows 2000/XP and a project.

1.4. When I build the library (F7) the first thing I get is the message make: *** /U/myproject_build: No such file or directory. Stop.. What's wrong?


You probably have not all required tools installed with Cygwin.

2. Technical

2.1. Where are the other parts mentioned on the web site?


The Apparatus Framework with the graphical configuration tool is still under construction. Not all parts of the Apparatus Framework predecessor Apparatus Services have been integrated in the config tool yet. Help is welcome for porting and testing work.

2.2. Does the Framework support MinGW with MSYS?


The configuration tool relies on the tool 'cygpath.exe' supplied by the Cygwin environment. You can use the framework with MinGW/MSYS when 'cygpath.exe' is present in your search path (PATH variable).

2.3. File system unit tests fail on cerain PCs even if I use the same executable. What's wrong?


Make sure that the folder C:\Temp exists on your machine. The unit tests create file a this location.