System Requirements

The Configuration Tool has been tested on XP and Windows 7 with Microsoft Visual C++ and Cygwin GCC compilers as build tools for the Windows platform, and GCC 3/4 as build tools for the Linux platform.

User Tools

The current version of the Apparatus Framework Configuration Tool requires a Cygwin installation (with bash, make, etc.) in order to save and generate your customized configuration. These are called User Tools within the Configuration Tool.


Cygwin can be downloaded and installed from the official Cygwin site using the online setup utility.

Build Tools

The Build Tools are the tools used to build the liked library and examples from the generated configuration. Currently supported are GCC (nativ and cross) and Microsoft Visual C++ - tested with VS6 (SP6), VS2005, VS2008 (also express) and VS2010. Other compilers will follow.

Please read the documention supplied with the build tool for installation instructions. You should be fine to build the Apparatus Framework library when you have successfully compiled other projects.


Using GCC is the simplest way to just see the examples running. The Configuration Tools uses GCC to build standalone executables (no Cygwin library needed).

GCC is the standard compiler chosen when the Apparatus Framework is installed. On how to change the compiler please read the section below.

Microsoft Visual C++

In order to use the Apparatus Framework library within your own Microsoft Visual Studio Project, you have to build the configuration with Microsoft Development tools. Please refer to the Configuration Tool documentation on how to select your compiler.

Installation Instruction

Download the Apparatus Framework Installer and run it to install the Configuration Tool and the Apparatus Framework repository. The default installation is configured for the Cygwin GCC compiler. Please read the next section about how to change the compiler

  1. Start the Apparatus Framework Configuration Tool
  2. Wait until the Configuration Tool has configured itself and choose the folder for the Repository, e.g. C:\Program Files\bbv Software Services\Apparatus Framework Configuration Tool\Source\Repository
  3. Set the user tool paths (Tools - Paths - User Tools...) to where your Cygwin executables are (e.g. C:\cygwin\bin)
  4. Set the build tool paths (Tools - Paths - Build Tools...) to where your compiler executables are (e.g. C:\cygwin\bin or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin (don't forget to change the compiler in this case!))
  5. Open the template Apparatus Framework for Win32 (Build - Templates...)
  6. Check the PingPong Example under Configuration - Apparatus Framework - Examples for the Apparatus Framework and save the configuration to e.g. c:\temp\MyTest.acc (File - Save).
  7. Build the library (Build - Library)
  8. Run the Ping Pong example. The executable can be found at c:\temp\MyTest_install\bin if you used above settings.

Change the Compiler

The compilers are configured in packages. Selet the desired package and re-build the Apparatus Framework.

  1. Open the package selection dialog (Build - Packages)
  2. Select build tools gcc and press the Remove button
  3. Select build tools cl and press the Add button
  4. Close the dialog and build the library


Make sure that all required environment variables are correctly set for your build tools. For example when you are using Microsoft Visual Studio see the batch file DRIVE:\PROGRAM PATH\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin\VCVARS32.BAT for the correct settings or read the documentation. Typically the environement variables PATH, INCLUDE and LIB should be set correctly.