Apparatus Framework 1.4 released (25 feb 2010)

A lot of minor bug fixes and some new features including:

  • XML Parser
  • CAN support for Linux
  • DoubleFileLogger
  • UDPDevice
  • Hash algorithms (MD5,SHA1,SHA2)
  • Crypto class

The configuration tool is now based on the eCos configuration tool 3, which also runs natively on Linux (release is planned).

Apparatus Framework 1.3 released (04 sept 2007)

The newest Apparatus Framework release comes with Linux support! It has been used in industrial projects and is now made open to the public. The configuration tool still runs on Windows plattforms and generates sources and makefiles for Linux. Therefore cross compilers provided with Embedded Linux distributions or embedded boards running Linux can be used with the Apparatus Framework.

Apparatus Framework 1.2 released (07 feb 2007)

The Apparatus Framework with eCos support is out! bbv has taken the effort to make the eCos port ready for the public. This opens the door for everyone to build embedded applications that run also on Windows XP. The advantage is, that development cycles become shorter, testing is easier and you can use cheap and powerful pc development tools for your embedded project.

Apparatus Framework 1.1 released (01 sept 2006)

Feel free to download the new ApFw Release V1.1. We added some new exciting patterns. A normal state pattern for hard realtime requirements and a dynamic state pattern to define for example a configuration mode. We also added two string compression algorithms. For more information have a closer look at the release notes.

Apparatus Framework nominated (13. Februar 2006)

Apparatus Framework Nomination

We can proudly announce that the Apparatus Framework from the bbv Software Services AG was nominated on the Embedded World 2006 for the Embedded Award in the category software.

Apparatus Framework 1.0 released (21 sept 2005)

We have put a lot of work into the Apparatus Framework to improve its quality. The new unit tests allow automated regression tests, additionally several manual tests have been executed, the installer is now better and many other things are improved.

Apparatus Framework 1.0 Beta released (18 apr 2005)

First release of the Apparatus Framework with graphical user interface. It provides all tools and source code needed to build a Windows (NT, 2000, XP) based application. This might be the starting point for an embedded software project before the target hardware is developed.

Apparatus Services (1995 - 2004)

bbv Software Services AG builds the Apparatus Services framework. The Apparatus Services are predecessors of the Apparatus Framework and take place in many industrial projects. Using them can reduce development time and risks due to the reuse of proven and tested software components.