() Names in parenthesis refer to pull down menus, tabs or fields.
italic Refers to files and paths
{} Menu entries
'' Command line commands
EXAMPLE_PRJ Name of the example project
EXAMPLE_PATH Path of the example project
APFW_CFG_TOOL_LOC The path where the configuration tool will be installed
USER Your user account
APFW_SHARE Share where the framework will be located
EXAMPLE_SHARE Share where the Linux example will be located
DOMAIN Valid domain in your network
ACCOUNT Valid user account in DOMAIN
WINDOWS_HOST Computer name of the Windows system


ApFw Apparatus Framework
VS Visual Studio

Win32 Demo

The windows tutorial provides two windows specific examples. You may compile and execute the build in examples or let you guide to create a simple example with code you may later on modify. This simple project is a valuable base line to create your own project later on. More details are in Windows Demo.

eCos Demo

In this section we show how to create an eCos specific project and all the necessary parameterization work. To complete the build you are required to provide a linkable eCos library. Further details are provided in eCos Demo.

Linux Demo

The tutorial guides beginner user thought the whole process from installing the software, over editing the source code to running the application. The major issue is to understand what has to be done on the Windows host and what on the Linux host. Read the Linux Demo for more.


See the cookbook slides for how to create a task, using messages, etc.